Friday, August 19, 2011

dark fridays - agonis flexuosa 'jervis bay afterdark'

It's Friday People!  and why am I still working at this hour?  Because I'm dedicated, that's why... and a glass of cabernet really helps too.

I just couldn't leave you for the weekend without giving you a taste of the dark friday du jour.   Today is a real treat.  If you like it dark, this tree will bring you to your knees... Agonis Flexuosa 'Jervis Bay Afterdark'

And afterdark it is.  So deep rich purple that it could be black.  You'll notice that the new growth has a lighter burgundy tint to it.  This is an excellent mid-sized tree to use in a drought tolerant garden.  Since the long fine leaves are so textural, I like to pair this with sculptural agaves and succulents.  One more thing, the leaves have a lovely peppermint scent when you crush them!  

I've used agonis in pots and in the ground and it is always a beauty.  It makes a great foliage to use in floral arrangements too!

Now go have a great weekend, I'm off to fill up my glass...
Latin Name: Agonis Flexuosa 'Jervis Bay Afterdark"
Common Name: After Dark Peppermint Tree

Category:  Tree
Zones:  15-17, 20-24 for info on climate zones go here 
Exposure: Full sun
Water: low water needs
Size: 15-25' tall, 10-15' wide
Flower: White, Spring-Summer
Growth: Slow growing

Specs from Sunset Western Garden Book

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